About the Association

The Nordic Securities Association (NSA) was founded 25th of November 2008 when a long standing cooperation between the Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish securities dealers associations was formalised. Currently, NSA is registered in the European Commission Register of interest representatives. NSA represents the common interest of more than 100 banks, finance houses and securities dealers. 

NSA works to promote sound and competitive capital markets in the Nordic region as well as at an European and International level. In addition, we work to promote harmonisation of rules and supervision in the Nordic region. The target stakeholders of NSA are regulated markets, clearing and settlement providers and supervisors.

The Board of NSA comprise of the chairman of the (relevant) board and the managing director or the director for securities market division of each member association. The Board is chaired by a member association one year at a time on a rotating basis. The secretariat function of the association follows the chairmanship.

Members of the Association

The Danish Securities Dealers Association is the trade organisation for members of a regulated market and other companies which main activities are related to the Danish securities market. The association was founded on 10 September 1987. For more information about the Danish Securities Dealers Association, please visit their web page at www.dbmf.dk.

The Norwegian Securities Dealers Association is a national trade organisation for investment firms. The Association’s vision is for investment firms to be profitable enterprises that have competitive framework conditions and carry out their activities in a way that imbues respect and trust among clients and the authorities. For more information about the Norwegian Securities Dealers Association, please visit their web page at www.vpff.no.

The Finance Finland is a trade body that represents its member companies who engage in the financial services industry in Finland. The Federation was formed at the start of 2007 and at the start of 2009, the Finnish Association of Securities Dealers joined the Federation. For more information about the Finance Finland, please visit their web page at www.fkl.fi.

The Swedish Securities Markets Association (SSMA) was founded in 1908 and is an association which represents the common interest of banks and investment services firms active on the securities market. For more information about the Swedish Securities Markets Association, please visit their web page at www.fondhandlarna.se.





Johan Mörner, Erik Penser Bank, Chairman of the Swedish Securities Markets Association


Other Members of the Board:

Lass Højlund, Head of Fi&C Denmark, Danske Bank. Vice Chairman of the Executive Board at the Danish Securities Dealers Association

Jakob Legård Jakobsen, Executive Director, the Danish Securities Dealers Association

Helle Søby ThygesenManager, the Danish Securities Dealers Association

Urban Funered, Managing Director, the Swedish Securities Markets Association

Sindre Støer, Managing Director, Verdipapirforetakenes forbund, Norway

Mari Pekonen-RantaHead of EU Public Affairs, Finance Finland

Petter Bakken, Director, Verdipapirforetakenes forbund, Norway

Jukkapekka Laurila, Head of Markets Equities, Danske Bank, Finland